About R.F. Rene

R.F. Rene has worked in various fields during the last two decades. From managing a small business office in Wales, U.K., to managing a classroom as a long term substitute teacher. She has been privileged to travel many places across the country and around the world. Besides living a year in Great Britain, getting caught in a hurricane while visiting the Caribbean island of Dominique, traveling the Irish country side sleeping in her car; her adventures have taken her to New York and as far away as Hawaii. However, after all this gallivanting R.F. still calls Washington State home sweet home.

During the last three years she has been diligently working on her writing skills, and has recently finished the first book in a series of seven books, The Jyroed Chronicles. Although the last two years have been especially difficult as she has faced challenges from the loss of employment and a beloved family member; a dramatic change in her nuclear family; the closing of her small business; and several health issues, R.F. has found a great comfort in her stories and the gift of weaving tales others can enjoy.

Several of her other completed works will be available the early part of 2013. But for now she is working on the second novel in the Jyroed Chronicles. Its working title is Seduction’s Gambit: The Death of Gods. It will hopefully be ready early June or July of 2013. Please check back for updates.

R.F. Rene has a bachelor’s degree in Broad-based History and Social Sciences, and a master’s degree in Hard Knocks from Life University. She adores animals, sushi, rollercoaster rides, scary movies, karaoke, log cabins, and “hot cocoa” days, but loves nothing more than Rebekah, Sarah, and Jesus Christ.

She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her companions: Mike the Cat, Bubba Zeus, Miss Mushu, Thor and Pongo.


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