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Radio Interview Jan. 8th 8pm-10pm EST

The Truth Denied Radio Interview with R.F. Rene

Mark your calendars for R.F. Rene’s first live radio interview.  Hosted by The Truth Denied, Roxy Lopez will interview R.F. Rene, January 8th 8pm-10-pm EST.   She will be asking questions about R.F’s background, as well as what inspired R.F. to write Sedition’s Gift: The Age of Man.

The interview will be available for download, at both The Truth Denied website, as well as here under the The Age of Man Story Arc page.

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~R.F. Rene

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Sedition’s Gift: The Age Of Man

In the near future, a pre-apocalyptic world rushes toward the end of history.  And as the stage for mankind’s ultimate battle is set, two dimensions collide. In post-republic America, a boy called Joshua Flying Fox, consumed by hatred and eager for revenge, discovers an ancient parchment and a mysterious stone. His blood-lust denied, he must now run for his life, pursued for a crime he did not commit.

In Zambia, a woman desperate for a cure commits a hideous act of betrayal. While Dr. Nathan Malone, saves the life of a man brutally shot.  Unknowingly casting his lot with a small band of rebels bent on overthrowing the corrupted Zambian government.

And in Australia, a beautiful anthropologist, Jasmine Todd, fearing her husband killed as Australia devolves into civil war, must travel 1500 kilometers through the vast Australian Outback to find the one person who can help her; a scientist she has never met.

None of them aware of the sinister secret which connects them. All bound to each other since eternity passed. If mankind can hope to survive, they must discover each other and then unite with the most unlikely of weapons: The Stones.

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