I want to welcome you to Sedition’s Gift: The Age of Man’s blog site.   Hopefully it will take on a life of its own.  This site and my books are an attempt at bridging the world we see (the one in which we hear, taste, feel, breathe) with the unseen worlds around us; in which live gods and devils, warriors for both good and evil.  My goal is to scare you, thrill you, make you cheer for joy and break your heart.  Mostly I want to make you think…. Thank you so much for taking the time to enter my worlds, live my adventures, see through my eyes.  I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I enjoyed creating them.
~R.F. Rene

This is the first in a series of 7 novels designed to give the reader a glimpse into a not-too-distant future.  A world where national sovereignty and individual liberty has eroded.  A world where only those who “belong” are counted worthy, those who don’t are considered chattel. A time when the internet is strictly monitored, transportation and housing is assigned, personal and professional choices are dictated, private property is confiscated, home and family are redefined, access to healthcare is rationed, and being an outspoken dissenter is a crime.

This series is about the power of the human spirit and its capacity for bigotry, greed, lust, envy, anger, depravity, and hate. Sound familiar?

But it is also about courage, honor, human resiliency.  It is about the power of faith, hope, and most importantly the power of love.

In Sedition’s Gift: The Age of Man, you will meet characters who are battling their own demons as well as the demons of others.  Struggling against forces which delight in pain and suffering and have since the beginning of time allied themselves against all that is good, right and true. You will meet characters worthy of redemption, as well as characters who are beyond all hope.  Some you will cry with, laugh with and root for.  Others you will find yourself cheering for their demise.

Sedition’s Gift: The Age of Man will help you realize the world beyond what our natural eyes can perceive is more real than expected; more dangerous, more wonderful; and closer than you think.

Please enjoy Sedition’s Gift: The Age of Man.  And please, please, leave comments for others to enjoy.

R.F. Rene


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  1. Really enjoyed this book. Love the way the characters come to life. Its fast paced and a real page turner! My favorite character, so far, is Joshua Flying Fox. Can’t wait for the next one!

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